Clarity & Focus For Your Marketing

Fractional CMO & Concierge Marketing

Marketing Strategy for The Middle Market

For too many organizations, marketing is a long list of to-dos spread out between a few team members. The message is fragmented and money is wasted. Adashmore Creative guides your marketing efforts by developing your communications strategy and overseeing the implementation.

Business Acumen + Creative Vision

Building and Fine-Tuning Your Strategic Communications Plan

Middle market organizations are often faced with a choice: 1) hire junior-level talent and sacrifice strategy or 2) over-pay a strategic marketer to handle implementation. With a fractional CMO, you finally have a better option to balance results and budget.

Making Sure Things Get Done and Holding them Accountable

You know the feeling when you arrive on vacation and the concierge just gets it. They make your life easier and find things you didn’t know you needed. It’s like that but for marketing. Adashmore oversees strategy while managing your vendors and handling the day-to-day needs of your organization.

Dealing With One-Offs and Big Challenges When Needed

That complex project you’re trying to get off the ground? The one that involves stakeholders from different departments and external partners. Adashmore can serve as the project manager and liason to get everything aligned and moving forward.

The Recipe for Success

Marketing isn’t easy to outsource because it’s not one clear thing and it’s not regulated. A website developer can sell you on the need for a new website. A digital advertising person could convince you that Facebook Ads are the best solution. And so on. Without strategic oversight, you could end up with several inefficient silos and a lot of wasted resources. 

Good Marketing Helps Your Business

Attract the Right Clients

Relevant messaging that’s distributed effectively compels your target audience to learn, engage, and buy from your organization.

    Increase Sales & Profit

    Lead generation tactics and brand awareness generate sales to your organization. Proper packaging and processes drive profits. 

      Own the Market

      When an organization has a dominant position in the right market, sales are easier and customer rentention is higher. 

      Sell What You Want

      People should be coming to your organization for the products and services that are the most profitable and aligned with corporate objectives. 

        Reduce Turnover

        Employees want to work where they feel valued and appreciated. Strong internal communication fosters employee engagement and retention.

          Attract Top Talent

          Effectively communicating a company’s culture, values, and career growth opportunities is essential to recruiting top talent.

            Making Marketing Work for You

            For marketing to be effective, you need the right strategy, process, tools, and people. Adashmore Creative’s Fractional CMO Services help with developing and fine tuning all of these elements. Once an assessment is completed and a plan is developed, Adashmore stays actively involved to provide accountability and coaching to ensure results.


            • Brand Strategy
            • Lead Generation
            • Sales and Marketing Alignment
            • Account-Based Marketing
            • Internal Communication Plans


            • Standard Operating Proceedures
            • Key Performance Indicators
            • Project Management Optimization


            • Marketing software
            • Interactive Analytics Dashboards
            • Project Management Systems
            • CRM optimization


            • Managing Internal Staff
            • Department Development
            • Recruiting Support
            • Vetted Partners

            Optimize Your Marketing Budget and Get Stronger Results

            To generate strong results, marketing requires big picture strategy and practical implementation. Paying senior-level staff to handle day-to-day efforts is not cost-effective and junior level staff don’t have the acumen to build and manage a well-balanced plan. For middle market organizations, the Adashmore fractional CMO approach is the most cost-effective way to optimize your marketing.

            Meet Your CMO: Jennifer Dodson

            Creative Business Leader

            Jennifer earned her art degree from Towson University and her business degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). If you're not from Baltimore, that translates to a practical art degree and a creative business degree. She also has a mass communications degree from Towson and diverse industry experience. This well-rounded background served her well during her years running a marketing agency.

            Natural Entrepreneur & Community Builder

            From her early days running a lemonade stand and building a swim instructing referral machine, Jennifer has always had a knack for business. She has given countless hours to non-profit boards and trade associations, helping them clarify their messaging and get more engagement. Jennifer also taught business and marketing courses at Towson University and MICA. Her passion for marketing and communication is inspiring.

            Uses Pivot Tables for Fun

            Have you ever met a creative person who builds a spreadsheet for planning Thanksgiving dinner? The breakdown outlined every recipe, managed RSVPs, and included an automated shopping list organized by section of the grocery store. For Jennifer, analyzing data is just as exciting as launching a rebrand. She balances good design and strategic marketing knowledge with past performance data and realistic business needs to get results.

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            What People Say About US

            "Jennifer is exceptional. She demonstrates the rare combination of creative vision and business acumen, which means that she delivers beautiful work on time and within budget. I've worked with Jennifer on multiple projects, and I am always thrilled with the results. She quickly grasps what clients need and tailors her approach to both challenge assumptions yet keep the project within scope."

            Adrienne Peres, Former VP, Abel Communications

            "One of your real strengths is bringing me back to reality and keeping me on track."

            Jennifer Wies, President, Natural Facing / Quarry Connections

            "Jen leveraged her enormous experience and talents to integrate herself with our team and decide what to add, what to keep and what to throw away; then she stayed onboard to use all the intel she uncovered! She held our team accountable for executing the plan and tweaked the process as needed. I highly recommend this very innovative, effective and affordable approach to making marketing really work in any company."

            Lisa Benson, President, Mary Kraft

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