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Special Projects Manager | Baltimore, MD

Outsourced Special Projects Manager

Every business has needs that fall outside the everyday responsibilities of its staff. That’s where we come in. Adashmore acts as an extension of your team throughout the duration of a specific project, adding a unique skillset and extra capacity only when you need it.

One Point of Contact for Internal & External Stakeholders

Complex business projects require members of your internal team working with outsourced support. Keep your team members focused on their day-to-day jobs and let Adashmore coordinate everything.

    Project Management Tailored to Your Needs

    Adashmore learns your preferences, working style, and the best way to get things done specific to your organization. Project status updates and analytical reports are curated to your needs. We’ll even update live project dashboard(s) so everyone can see the status at all times.

      Consolidated Reporting with Key Summaries

      Stop reading reports from multiple providers. All internal and external stakeholders provide reports to directly to Adashmore. The key takeaways are summarized along with a consolidated and prioritized to-do list for each party.

      Utilizing Our Special Project Management Services 

      Good project managers leverage past experience, strong organizational skills, and proactive communication to build and oversee key deliverables. They plan for and manage unexpected roadblocks while keeping budget and timing top-of-mind.

      Project Management Examples

      Rebrands & New Identity Rollouts

      Launching a rebrand is about a lot more than updating a logo. You need to inventory everything, update messaging, plan the rollout, order new collateral/apparel/signage, update online accounts, etc.

      Audits & Strategic Planning

      Not every company needs to hire long-term support. Sometimes all that’s needed is a one-off audit and/or a strategic planning session to provide some guideance and reassurance. 

      New Product Launches

      Adashmore has named products, registered trademarks, defined the features and benefits, designed packaging, and created a go-to-market plan that works with manufacturing and distribution. 

      Cleaning Up After Quick Departures

      That employee who you just asked to leave left one hell of a mess to clean up. Adashmore can figure out the status of projects and get things organized.

      Marketing Department Development

      Adashmore can support everything from determining which role(s) you need and writing job descriptions to interviewing and onboarding. 

      Website Relaunches & Application Development

      Even when you hire a development company, there is a lot to pull together and a ton of content to review. Adashmore can support the process.

      Extended Employee Absence Coverage

      Whether it’s a planned maternity leave or unexpected FMLA, Adashmore can provide strategic and tactical coverage during extended employee absences. 

      Strategic Planning Facilitation

      Optimize your leadership retreat and strategic planning sessions with the support of an outside facilitator. Adashmore can handle planning and facilitation for small or large groups. 

      Something else?

      These examples show the range of our capabilities. We’re happy to discuss other strategic planning and communications projects. 

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      The FAQs of an Outsourced Special Projects Manager

      How are projects charged?

      While hourly support is available, most projects are based on a flat-fee with parameters for the scope. 

      How quickly can Adashmore get started?

      Typically the larger the project scope, the more time is needed to fit it into the schedule. Some flexibility is available for extremely urgent and time-sensitive projects.

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