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Concierge Marketing | Baltimore, MD

What is Concierge Marketing?

A concierge brings targeted expertise and project management services to their customers. For travel, that means someone with deep regional knowledge that coordinates unique experiences and manages the details that elevate your trip. For marketing, it’s about hiring and managing the third party providers that implement your marketing to ensure better results and fewer headaches.

One Point of Contact for Everything Marketing

For companies without an internal marketing person, it can be hard to know who to ask for support or documents. Adashmore’s Concierge services give your team one point of contact for anything related to marketing.

    Project Management Tailored to Your Needs

    Adashmore gets to learn your preferences, working style, and the best way to get things done specific to your organization. Project status updates and analytical reports are curated to your needs.

      Consolidated Reporting with Key Summaries

      Stop reading reports from multiple providers. All vendors and third-party providers provide reports to Adashmore. Our team then summarizes the key takeaways and provides a consolidated and prioritized list of next steps.

      How Can Concierge Marketing Help My Business?

      Think of Adashmore’s concierge marketing services like a general contractor. We’re capable of directly helping you with a variety of tasks but also responsible for overseeing the work for specialists in their specific trades. You may never deal with a tradesperson directly, but you are aware of their role and trust the general contractor to oversee it and manage the budget. 

      The Value of Concierge Marketing

      Translates Marketing Jargon

      You don’t speak the language of search engine marketing or web development. Adashmore translates your goals and provides what third-party marketers need to generate results and only reports back what you need to know.

      Looks Out for the Big Picture

      Regulations, third-party systems, and company priorities are constantly changing and evolving. Adashmore triages these challenges to determine what is worth managing.

      Handles the Little Stuff

      The CRM integration problem that requires coordination with your IT provider or that Apple Maps update that lists your business location wrong – It’s our job to figure it out for you. 

      Knows Your Goals & Needs

      Adashmore gets to know your business and customer base. Combined with data about your marketing performance, it becomes easy to optimize your budget specific to your needs.

      Common Ways to Utilize Concierge Marketing

      Handling Day-to-Day Marketing

      • Project Management
      • Designing sales presentations
      • Supporting sales staff with CRM optimization
      • Supporting Human Resources with recruiting

      Finding & Managing Specialists

      • Getting clarity on needs
      • Drafting RFPs
      • Reviewing proposals
      • Leading regular vendor meetings
      • Reporting on results and advising senior leadership

      Digital Marketing Fundamentals

      • Updating online profiles
      • Basic website updates
      • Writing blog posts
      • Creating email newsletters
      • Reviewing website performance

      Supporting One-Off Requests

      • Occasional press releases
      • Troubleshooting integrations
      • Tradeshow coordination
      • Employee appreciation and recognition
      • Annual meetings

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      The FAQs of a Concierge Marketing

      What's the cost?

      Clients utilizing our Concierge Marketing services commit to a fixed monthly fee for a range of services. Several different tiers are available based on the needs of the organization.

      Factors that contribute to the cost include: urgency of active projects, number of vendors to manage, marketing budget, industry, product offering, compliance/regulations, past performance, growth expectations, and more.

      Contact us to request a consultation and overview of our concierge marketing services.

      How long does it take to see results?

      Concierge marketing is a combination of budget optimization and reducing headaches. Most organizations see immediate benefits from Adashmore’s services, but it takes time to see a direct ROI. Our concierge services support sales, human resources, administrators, executives, and corporate giving in their day-to-day activities. The more integrated our services are with organizational priorities, the faster you will see results. 

      What providers do you work with?

      We work with your organization to define the specific needs and find the best providers for your unique situation. Adashmore Creative has served the Baltimore region since 2010 and has a solid network of providers in the region, along with some out-of-market resources. We’ve also worked with incumbent providers to streamline management and improve results. 

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