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Fractional CMO Services | Baltimore, MD

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a part-time or contract-based marketing executive who provides high-level strategic guidance and leadership to a company’s marketing efforts on a temporary or project basis, rather than as a full-time employee.

Serves as a Member of Your Senior Leadership

For a CMO to be most-effective, they need insight into the organization and its operations. Adashmore participates in board meeings and reports to the C-Suite.

    Develops the Marketing Strategy & Plan

    Figure out what it would take to pull off that idea and get help determining if it even makes sense for your team.

      Oversees Internal & External Implementation

      Our services support and develop internal staff to enhance performance. We also work directly with third-party providers to ensure optimal results.


        Monitors KPIs & Adjusts Efforts Accordingly

        Technology and consumer behavior are constantly evolving. Adashmore monitors shifts, tracks your KPIs, and adjusts the communications plan as needed.

          Produces & Implements When Needed

          From managing the last-minute PR opportunity to handling an unfortunate incident, there are lots of things that can’t be planned. Adashmore has the skills and resources to get things done.

          Balances Big Picture & Everyday Distractions

          Regulations, third-party systems, and company priorities are constantly changing and evolving. Adashmore triages these challenges and keeps overall momentum.

            What’s the Process?

            There is no one-size-fits-all approach for our clients or the projects we take on. Each organization is different with unique goals and challenges. Adashmore learns what is already working for your organization, adds the missed opportunities, and optimizes everything to work as effectively as possible. 

            Getting Started with Adashmore Creative

            Address the Pain & Find Quick Wins

            Adashmore starts by identifying the quick wins. These are the few tactics that provide a value almost immediately to your organization.

            Conduct an Audit & Build a Foundation

            With a few things moving, we start evaluating the existing marketing efforts and make sure the essentials are in place for evaluating future performance.

            Identify Priorities & Create a Plan

            Analyzing internal insights and external research, Adashmore defines realistic short-term and long-term marketing objectives. With clarity on goals, the plan starts to come together.

            Develop Processes & Build the Team

            Adashmore gets the right people on the team and defines the roles, resonsibilities, proceedures, and evaluation criteria to hold everyone accountable.

            Typical Ongoing Fractional CMO Services

            Calling Offensive & Defensive Plays

            Determining what to prioritize is an on-going exercise. New opportunities and unexpected challenges require shifts in strategy and planning. Adashmore stays on top of everything for you.

            Coaching & Mentoring the Team

            Internal stakeholders and external partners need guidance. Adashmore shares knowledge to help the team grow and provides guidance to ensure everyone reaches their full potential.

            Analyzing Metrics & Performance

            Adashmore analyses the data to see what is working and what needs help. Insights are discussed with the marketing team and major takeaways are presented to leadership.

            Ensuring Progress & Consistency

            Keep your brand message consistent and your strategy on target with a fractional CMO. Adashmore reviews materials and manages budgets with your best interests in mind.

            Meet Your CMO: Jennifer Dodson

            Creative Business Leader

            Jennifer earned her art degree from Towson University and her business degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). If you're not from Baltimore, that translates to a practical art degree and a creative business degree. She also has a mass communications degree from Towson and diverse industry experience. This well-rounded background served her well during her years running a marketing agency.

            Natural Entrepreneur & Community Builder

            From her early days running a lemonade stand and building a swim instructing referral machine, Jennifer has always had a knack for business. She has given countless hours to non-profit boards and trade associations, helping them clarify their messaging and get more engagement. Jennifer also taught business and marketing courses at Towson University and MICA. Her passion for marketing and communication is inspiring.

            Uses Pivot Tables for Fun

            Have you ever met a creative person who builds a spreadsheet for planning Thanksgiving dinner? The breakdown outlined every recipe, managed RSVPs, and included an automated shopping list organized by section of the grocery store. For Jennifer, analyzing data is just as exciting as launching a rebrand. She balances good design and strategic marketing knowledge with past performance data and realistic business needs to get results.

            Ready for Adashmore?

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            The FAQs of a Fractional CMO

            What's the cost?

            Good marketing makes you money. The average monthly engagement for Adashmore’s fractional CMO services is $5,000 per month. Factors that determine the cost include: marketing budget, industry, product offering, compliance/regulations, past performance, growth expectations, and more.

            How long does it take to see results?

            This really depends on your organization and the current status of your sales and marketing efforts. Adashmore aims for a few quick wins to generate value as soon as possible while building the foundation for long-term ROI. We’ve had clients who get results in as little as a month and other clients who take six months or more to start seeing a return. 

            In general, B2B businesses with relationship-based sales should plan on at least 2-3 times your average sales cycle to see significant returns. A variety of factors, including the complexity of your sales process and product offering can extend or shorten this estimate. 

            Request a consultation to discuss timing more specific to your business. 

            Will you work with the existing team?

            Of course! Internal teams, whether one individual or a small team, and specialized outsourced implementation partners are part of what it takes for marketing to work most effectively.

            As part of our engagement, we make sure everyone supporting marketing has a clearly defined role that fits into the strategic plan. If you don’t have anyone internally, we can help with recruiting the right junior or mid-level marketer to optimize day-to-day implementation.

            What if we don't have a team?

            We see this all the time. As organizations scale, marketing tasks get split between sales teams, adminstrators, a cousin/neighbor/college friend, or whoever can help with each thing.

            Adashmore makes sense of all of this and creates the team that’s needed moving forward. We have a network of trusted third-party providers and will also help with recruiting the right team member(s) to work internally.

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